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Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen (born May 16, 1985) is a vigilante archer known as the Green Arrow and the current mayor of Star City. He is the son of the late Robert Queen and the late Moira Queen, the half-brother of Thea Queen, and the husband of Felicity Smoak.


Early Life Edit

Oliver Queen was born on May 16, 1985 in Starling City into the esteemed Queen family to his parents; billionaires Robert and Moira Queen. When he was seven years old, Oliver met and befriended Tommy Merlyn and later, Laurel Lance, both who would become his lifelong best friends. Oliver had a younger sister, Thea, whom he was very close to and protective of. He nicknamed Thea "Speedy" since he always chased after her when she was a kid. Every Christmas, Oliver and Thea would race to see who could eat the holiday candy canes the fastest. While learning how to drive, Oliver once chipped the side paint off of his father's Maserati.

Once Oliver entered his late teens and early 20s, he started sleeping around with other women and got into multiple social scandals by himself or with Tommy, including assaulting a paparazzi bystander, driving while intoxicated, stealing a taxi, urinating on a police officer, and using a helicopter to impress Maria Sharapova at the U.S. Open. At some point, Oliver and Tommy became acquainted with McKenna Hall and met Laurel's sister, Sara. Oliver's education was chaotic as well; he dropped out of four Ivy League schools, not even bothering to tell his parents about the last one until sometime after. Additionally, Oliver mentioned that the only book he ever bothered to read in college was The Odyssey.

However, Oliver did have some engineering skills due to working with his father, who was an aspiring pilot and sometimes performed his own maintenance with his son. Robert also taught Oliver how to operate a plane and the two often went flying together. As a teenager, Oliver used these abilities to hot-wire Malcolm Merlyn's car four times, which resulted in him getting grounded for an entire summer.

At some point in 2004, Oliver indirectly ran into Simon Morrison when he successfully stole the latter's girlfriend, though he would later forget about this. In 2005, Oliver would begin dating his longtime friend Laurel, and they fell in love with one another. However, Laurel's father, Quentin, disapproved of their relationship and once threatened to use a taser on Oliver after catching the two in bed together. Despite this, Oliver enjoyed spending time with Laurel and her family as he felt unburdened from being Robert Queen's son, according to Moira. Oliver also held Quentin in high regard, secretly wanting to earn his validation. In 2007, after Moira caught Laurel sneaking away to Oliver's room in the Queen Mansion, Laurel suggested that she and Oliver could live in their own home, bringing up how their friends, Ray and Jean, had recently decided to get an apartment together. Oliver initially agreed to moving in with her, but he quickly began having doubts.

Rather than talk to Laurel about his doubts, Oliver panicked, causing him to start cheating on her in an effort to back out of the commitment. First, he slept with a college classmate, Samantha Clayton, and accidentally got her pregnant. Distressed, Oliver shared the news with his mother, worried about his future. Unbeknownst to him, Moira stepped in and paid off Samantha to raise the child in Central City, lie to Oliver that she miscarried, and never speak to him again. Oliver was both saddened and relieved upon learning of his dashed fatherhood, unaware of the truth. Confiding in his mother once more, Oliver thanked her for being there for him, to which Moira promised that her son was never without her.

Afterwards, Oliver only continued to hurt his relationship with Laurel by sleeping with Sara, who before had a crush on him, and eventually inviting her to join him on his father's three-week trip on the Queen's Gambit. Before Oliver boarded the Gambit, Laurel visited him to say goodbye and gave Oliver a photograph of herself for when he got lonely overseas.

While on the Queen's Gambit, Oliver was in bed with Sara when the yacht (having been sabotaged) suddenly sank. He witnessed Sara being swooped away by the rushing water before being pulled under. Oliver eventually resurfaced from the ocean with Robert and a crew member, Dave Hackett, dragging him into a life raft, the three of them being the only known survivors. Oliver tried to go back and look for Sara, but Robert told him it was too late, much to his devastation. After days of drifting at sea and running low on provisions, Robert realized that there was enough for maybe one person and chose to give his son a chance at survival. He revealed to Oliver that their family's wealth had been built on the suffering of others and he was not the man his son thought he was. Robert urged his son to right his wrongs and be better than he was. He then took out a gun and proceeded to shoot Hackett, much to Oliver's horror, before turning it on himself. Robert told Oliver once last time, "Survive" before shooting himself amidst his son's pleas.

Sometime later, Oliver washed ashore upon an island, where he built a makeshift hut to spend the night in. The next morning, Oliver spotted birds descending on his father's body and rushed to shield him, only to suddenly vomit upon touching Robert's hand. While burying his father, Oliver found a notebook with a strange symbol filled with seemingly blank pages in his pocket. Immediately after, a hooded man named Yao Fei Gulong ambushed Oliver and shot an arrow into his shoulder. Oliver screamed in pain before collapsing and passing out.

Oliver awoke some time later in Yao Fei's camp, where he tended to Oliver's wound. Later, when the man fell asleep, Oliver tried to flee, only to trigger a snare. Yao Fei soon arrived, cutting him down and leaving Oliver with a warning of the island's dangers. Oliver was left with no other choice but to follow him. Shortly after they left, trap which Oliver sprung unknowingly attracted the attention of a group of armed masked men, who examined it.


Prior to his time on Lian Yu, Oliver was the stereotypical pampered and spoiled rich playboy. Coming from an unimaginably wealthy and privileged family, he came to act and think as though he was incapable of having any problems. Oliver was a playboy and notorious womanizer, having great interest in being the life of the party and didn't care who got hurt due to his actions. He was selfish, reckless, light-hearted, cheerful, carefree, laid-back and fun-loving, traits he shared with his best friend Tommy Merlyn. Oliver repeated the same mistake over and over again, dropping out of four schools and cheating on his girlfriend Laurel Lance first with Samantha Clayton, and then again with her own sister Sara. Despite his party-boy persona, Oliver loved and cared for his family, his little sister Thea in particular. He possessed some intuitiveness, having an intermediate aptitude for engineering, due to his father being a pilot, and for the The Odyssey being "the one book (he) read in college".

Upon being marooned on Lian Yu, Oliver began to change, so much so he stated the day he went missing was the day he died. He originally retreated into a shell, exhibiting depression after Sara apparently died; albeit by accident (which he realized was his fault) and his father Robert committed suicide right in front of him. After he is helped and taught by Yao Fei Gulong how to survive, he endured torture to protect Yao Fei and disguised himself as a mercenary to sneak into Edward Fyers' camp in an attempt to rescue him. Upon meeting Slade Wilson, Oliver began his journey to becoming a warrior. Slade had decided he should perform a coup de grace on Oliver to spare him the suffering on the island, but Oliver responded by breaking his hand to break free of his restraints, and punching him, inspiring Slade to train him instead. Oliver is shown to be a quick learner. After seeing a maneuver Slade taught him to steal a gun from an armed enemy once, Oliver was able to perform it on one of Fyers' men, and later when Shado taught him archery. Eventually, Oliver excelled in his skills in hand-to-hand combat after training from the two of them.

Overtime, after these events, Oliver gained a much needed sense of direction, loyalty, principles and honor. He sacrificed two chances to return home, first by choosing to convince Yao Fei Gulong to leave the island with him and second choosing to kill Fyers to save Shado instead of accepting the former's offer to call in a rescue. Nevertheless, he remained indomitably focused on his goal to return home to Starling City and his family. After he was forced to live in Hong Kong by Amanda Waller, and Maseo Yamashiro and his wife Tatsu were assigned his handlers, Oliver initially refused to work for A.R.G.U.S.. He relented only when Amanda threatened Maseo's family, including his son, Akio. Oliver grew to care for Maseo's family in particular his playing a vital role in saving Tatsu's life and caring for Akio when on the run from general Matthew Shrieve.

However, overtime, Oliver became riddled with evermore trauma, horror and guilt, for his unintentional role in Shado's death, Slade's consequential enmity against him which would haunt him in the years that followed and Sara's apparently dying a second time. When Oliver finally returned to Starling City during the mission to capture Chien Na Wei and recover the Omega super-virus, he later decided he'd go home. When he found a message his father left for him, he learnt of Robert's connection to the corrupt people on The List. Upon being told by Robert he could right his wrongs, Oliver was inspired to make a difference in the world. He returned to Maseo's side to assist his comrade and when he'd return home, he'd begin his crusade for justice for Starling City to honor Robert's sacrificing himself so he could survive.

During his third year of being marooned, when corrupted general Matthew caused the bio-weapon to be released over Hong Kong, resulting in Akio's death, Oliver gave into his emotions, his anger. He tortured Shrieve in cold blood for hours, in vengeance for the destruction he'd caused, and primarily for Akio's death. Realizing later such actions would not make him human, filled with self-loathing and pity, the darkness that had overtaken his life, and to protect his family, Oliver decided to delay his return. To atone for his actions, he'd live in self-imposed exile resolving to better himself so to become the man his father believed him to be. He started vigilantism, targeting drug dealers in Coast City, believing that was his best course of action. After being send by Amanda Waller to uncover Baron Reiter's plot back on Lian Yu, Oliver had grown a sense of responsibility, as he couldn't leave Reiter's prisoners at his mercy, when John Constantine offered him. He also after some time, told Taiana the truth about his brothers death, showing that he can take responsibility of his actions. But he still wasn't mentally okay, as he was willing to kill himself, if Reiter didn't kept Taiana alive, since he needed to keep Oliver alive.

After Oliver made a promise to Taiana to kill Kovar in Russia, is she didn't survive, he was determined to do that. Even though he was a killer and had committed multiple different crimes, he was hesitant to join Bratva, since he still thought they were a criminal organization not to be trusted. He later did join and was willing to blackmail different people, claiming that he would kill their loved ones if they didn't do what he said, as he did with Pyotr Friedkin. When he was saved by Talia al Ghul, Oliver still believed he wasn't the man his father raised and couldn't keep his promise to him. However, Talia started to show how to be in terms with his inner so-called monster and helped Oliver to become in terms with himself by giving him his first suit and bow. She helped to create Oliver an identity for his monster that was someone else and something else. As Oliver became the Hood, he channeled all his darkness and hate and pity in Hood and killed and tortured many people in Russia. It helped him to get piece, a he started to believe that he didn't kill anyone, but the Hood did. Although Anatoly tried to warn that it wasn't true, that the Hood and Oliver weren't different person, he didn't listen nor believe him, since it helped him to be in peace with himself and be more effective in vigilantism. After successfully killing Kovar, Oliver wanted to return to Starling City, as he believed he was finally ready to begin his quest to honor his father's wishes, and by mid-to-late 2012, when Oliver returned to Starling City, as he was a completely different person compared to before he was marooned on Lian Yu.

Although it took 5 years for Oliver to admit it to himself, due to so much pain and loss Oliver endured in his 5 years of hell, he started to enjoy killing, as it was his way to cope for everything he had suffered. If he had the opportunity to kill, he didn't hesitate, but all that time Oliver didn't admit it to anyone, not even himself, since he believed it was the Hood who killed and all the individuals that he killed deserved it.

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  • He is the only main character appearing in all five seasons of Lian Yu.
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